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Thonnur – A Kere not to be missed


As yet another adventurous trip ends I look back at the days event. Thonnur Lake decided at the spree of the moment was to be our next destination.

Situated at a distance of around 170 Km from Bangalore near Mandya district is a place only a few people might have heard of. This place is often refereed as Thonuru Kere or Thondanur.

The day started off with all of us getting up late. The trip that was to begin by 7 AM ultimately started off at around 10:30 AM. We took this opportunity to devour down some breakfast at the HSR Mc D.

All set and done we were ready to hit the road. Oh sorry for to mention that we have a new addition to our weekend hopping group. Ms D, the little angel of Mr and Mrs D joined us too. Much to my dislike, she spent most of the day sleeping and I was left wondering when she would get up and I would be able to play with her.

With GPS destination set we set off for our destination.This modern invention sure rescues us from trying to find places by asking the locals.

After reaching Beerasettihalli, we were awed by the magnificent lake that welcomed us. We parked our car at an open space near the banks.After spending a few moments taking picture of the place we decided to move further on. Little did we realize that we had actually parked the car on a sandy and muddy area. The tire got clogged in the mud. That left me and my hubby to get off the car and try desperately to maneuver it out of the mud. Much to our surprise a few people did come and ask what had happened but no one actually bothered to offer any help in pushing the car out o the mud. Instead they stood around and joked as we desperately tired to shove the heavy vehicle out. After spending a few minutes with no sign of the car moving from its place, we tried fitting stones near the wheels. The trick worked and we were revealed when the car actually gave way and was back on safe grounds.

We decided to move further on not wanting to get further delayed. At around 4 in the evening we reached our destination. There are quite a few old temples in the vacinity. Sri Nabhinarayana Temple, Vengopalaswami temple, just to name a few. The temples of this village were built during the Chhola period. The lake is positioned at a higher ground than the village and they are separated by few hillocks. It is constructed by embanking the gorge between the adjacent hillocks. It is said that Tipu Sultan named it as ‘Moti Talab’, as he was able to see the pebbles at the base of the lake clearly from the top. Since, the lake is surrounded by the hills, it can be a great place for rock climbing as well. The lake spread across more than 2,000 acres.  A dam between two rocky hills impounds water that flows from the hills.

We spent some time sitting on the banks of the lake. There were not much people around. The place is surely quite a immaculate place to spend your evening at.



There are no shops in and around the area for food. One has to bring them along with themselves.

Warning : There are small kids hanging around who would ask you for money to buy note books but do not be carried away by their innocence. It is yet another way of extracting money from you.

Well our adventure did not end yet. We set our GPS location to Bangalore and much to our shock the GPS directed us through paddy fields and muddy roads. The sun had set quite some time back and with the car being stuck in mud already once in the morning we were quite skeptical on whether we would make it to the main road. After driving for about 3-4 Km on what failed to certify as a road we were much relieved to finally make it to a proper road. We were all very exhausted and desperately hoped that the day did not hold any more adventures ahead for us. By this time the rain had started beating down hard and the visibility was also very low. So we kept moving towards Bangalore at quite a dawdling  pace.

The day was quite  shocker out of our mundane life.