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Krishnagiri dam


To escape from the city mundane life, my constant search for new places lead to this dam. Not far from Bangalore, it is located at a distance of around 100 km. Definitely a good place to send a day during the weekend. One has to take House road to reach here. Road conditions are also pretty decent. 

This dam is built on the Thenpennai river surrounded by rocky hills.

The dam has a park adjacent to it where kids can play around. Well surprisingly Google Map directed us to a place that was far from the dam entry point. But this mistakes took us to almost a fairy land. Meandering street covered by shady trees running by the dam, was truly a mesmerising sight.

And one must not miss fresh fish fries, that is sold right outside the dam is truly lip smacking. Do not bother much about the hygiene. Some food are better left without hygiene. 

You can also buy fresh fishes from the local fisher men at dirt cheap prices. I got myself 3 KGS of fishes for just Rs 150. Live and fresh, fishes surely couldn’t get  better. Pay some extra and they will even clean it for you. What more can you probably ask for.

All together it is definitely worth a visit on a lazy weekend.



Tales of Goa — Day 1


Goa, the party destination of most Indian, a must go place for most youngsters. Goa’s distinctive Portuguese heritage, natural beauty, buzzing night-life and culinary scene makes for a heady mix that’s known to have drawn people back time and again.

We had never been able to make it so far but this time we were determined. In fact so determined, that I took to my superstitious ways of not telling people about the journey lest it becomes jinxed. I even barred hubby dear from doing any rnd on Goa.

So all we had were to n from tickets from Goa, a reservation at the Charlston Beach Resort and a car booked to pick us up from the airport.

And yes we made it this time. On the destined morning we took our flight to GOA !!

We had planned to visit North Goa this time and South Goa will have to wait for some other time.


Our resort was located on an isolated stretch between Calangute and Baga. Located with Calangute on the left and Baga on the right, it was a pleasant spot to be in. The resort had all basic amenities and was one that would not pinch your pocket.




Our first job was to hire a local car. We got in touch with a guy whose number we had come across on net and rented a WagonR.

Car booked and all we were all set to go beach hopping. Oh I forgot to mention hubby dear had plans of fishing as well. So a quick stop at the local market place and after a purchase of some small shrimps, we hit the road. We headed south towards Candolim beach and Aguada fort.


Fort Aguada was a Portuguese fort and is now protected by the Archaeological Society of India. The Fort is very well maintained and gathers a huge crowd, both locals and foreigners. There is no fee to view this fort. The timings are from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM.


The fort is divided into upper Aguada Fort and lower Aguada fort. A nice view of the Arabian sea can be obtained from the upper fort.


The Fort is not tall in height also there is a moat to enter the fort. Next to the upper Aguada fort is a lighthouse which can also be visited. Make sure to enter the fort before 5:30 PM. They lock it up thereafter. Sinquerim beach lies close to lower Fort Aguada and is silent when compared to other North Goa beaches. This is not yet commercialized, no shacks or restaurant on the beach yet .Near this beach, there is the famous Taj Vivanta hotel.




We decided to call it a day and return to our resort. After a quick dip in the sea we headed for dinner. Britto’s would be the destination. We ordered for some jumbo lobster and king fish. The food was quite nice and the ambience was also very pleasant. Over all the place was quite suitable for both bachelors as well as family.




Deshadan Mountain Resort- Sheer waste of Money


Being our second visit to Munnar, we wanted to stay far from the maddening crow of the town .Munnar city centre is little crowded and concentrated. Hotels there are cheap but since we wanted so stay a little closer to nature so we chose hotel “Deshadan Mountain Resort” which is a little far from the city centre. Transportation is not an issue as the resort arranges for a  pick up from Munnar Bus stop  at an extra charge of Rs 500. The Resort is the highest resort in Munnar situated at a distance of 7 Km from the main town. The road to the resort is fairly good except for the last 1 KM stretch when the roads are pretty bad and steep.




We had taken a valley view room. The view from the room was breath taking but nothing else  about the room was worth the amount of money that was paid. The rooms were very basic. The bed sheets were torn and even on repeated complaining they failed to provide us with proper bed sheets. The staff were pretty rude.

We were quite taken aback when we were informed that we would have to choose from the menu that had been set for buffet for the dinner. The options that were there for the buffet was pretty bad. The breakfast was even more let down. There was very less options to select from for breakfast.

We enquired about few local site seeing places around. They were unable to provide us with adequate information.

Over all the resort was a total let down. With the amount of money that is paid, it is definitely not worth a penny.





Namma Bengaluru’s Own Hop On Hop Off Service


If you want to visit tourist spots and malls at one go in Namma Bengaluru, hop onto a Volvo bus. From the first week of March, the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) will introduce a Bengaluru Rounds Hop On Hop Off service. The ‘Hop-On, Hop-Off‘ service is yet another innovative idea implemented by BMTC, a convenient service to empower tourists and enable quick and comprehensive tour of Bangalore city.

Seven buses with conductors and drivers will take commuters to 40 tourist places, including shopping malls.

While BMTC will charge Rs 250 for adults, Rs 150 for children, kids below five years of age can travel free. Along with the ticket, commuters will be provided a brochure which will have brief information of the tourist places and their pictures. As the bus goes past the tourist spots, the conductor will educate commuters about them.




l.No. Places Sl.No. Places
1 Kempegowda Bus Station/Majestic 12 Gurudwara at Ulsoor
2 Tippu Palace 13 Ulsoor Lake
3 Bull Temple 14 Commercial Street
4 Gavigangadhareshwara Temple 15 St. Mary’s Basilica Church
5 Lalbagh West Gate 16 Fun World/Snow City
6 Freedom Park 17 Lumbini Garden/Nagavara Lake
7 Nehru Planetarium 18 ISCKON  Temple
8 Vidhanasoudha/High Court 19 Orion Mall
9 Cubbon Park/ Museum and Art Gallery

/Bal Bhavan/UB City

20 Sankey Tank
10 MG Road Metro Station 21 Mantri Mall
11 Garuda Mall


Pick up & Drop off points

Sl.No. Places
1 Corporation
2 Vasanthnagar
3 Mekhri Circle
4 Hebbala
5 Sadashivanagar PS
6 Yeshwanthpura
7 Malleshwaram 18th cross


SL.No. Places Departure times
1 Kempegowda Bus Station/Majestic 0830,0900,0945,1010,1040,1115,1150,1155,1230,1255,1340,


2 Tippu Palace 0845,0915,1000,1025,1055,1130,1205,1245,1310,1355,1420,


3 Bull Temple/Ganapathi Temple 0855,0925,0930,1010,1035,1105,1140,1215,1255,1320,1405,


4 Gavigangadhareshwara Temple 0830,0905,0935,1020,1045,1115,1150,1225,1305,1330,1415,



5 Lalbagh West Gate 0840,0915,0945,1030,1055,1125,1200,1235,1315,1340,1425,


6 Corporation* 0840,0915,0945,1030,1055,1125,1200,1235,1315,1340,1425,


7 Freedom Park 0830,0905,0940,1010,1055,1120,1150,1225,1300,1340,1405,



8 Nehru Planetarium 0845,0920,0955,1025,1110,1135,1205,1240,1315,1355,1420,



9 Vidhanasoudha/High Court 0850,0925,1000,1030,1115,1140,1210,1245,1320,1400,1425,



10 Cubbon Park/ Museum and Art Gallery/Bal Bhavan/UB City 0900,1015,1040,1125,1150,1220,1255,1330,1415,1435,1520,


11 MG Road Metro Station 0830,0905,0940,1020,1045,1130,1155,1225,1300,1335,1420,



12 Garuda Mall 0840,0915,0950,1030,1055,1140,1205,1235,1310,1345,1430,



13 Gurudwara at Ulsoor 0845,0920,0955,1035,1100,1145,1210,1240,1315,1350,1435



14 Ulsoor Lake 0850,0925,1000,1040,1105,1150,1215,1245,1320,1355,1440,



15 Commercial Street 0855,0930,1005,1045,1110,1155,1220,1250,1325,1400,1445,



16 St. Mary’s Basilica Church 0830,0900,,0935,1010,1050,1115,1200,1225,1255,1330,1405,



17 Vasanthnagar* 0830,0900,0935,1010,1050,1115,1200,1225,1255,1330,1405,



18 Fun World/Snow City 0840,09100945,1020,1100,1125,1210,1235,1305,1340,1425,



19 Mekhri circle* 0840,09100945,1020,1100,1125,1210,1235,1305,1340,1425,



20 Hebbala* 0840,0910,0945,1020,1100,1125,1210,1235,1305,1340,1425,



21 Lumbini Garden/Nagavara Lake 0830,0855,0925,1000,1035,1115,1140,1225,1250,1320,1355,



22 Sadashivanagar P S * 08:30,0855,0925,1000,1035,1115,1140,1225,1250,1320,1355,



23 Yeshwanthpura * 0830,0855,0925,1000,1035,1115,1140,1225,1250,1320,1355,



24 ISCKON Temple 0900,0925,0955,1030,1105,1145,1210,1255,1320,1350,1425,



25 Orion Mall 0905,0930,1000,1035,1110,1150,1215,1300,1325,1355,1430,



26 Sankey Tank 0830,0915,0940,1010,1045,1120,1200,1225,1310,1335,1405,



27 Malleshwaram 18th cross  * 0830,0855,0925,1000,1035,1115,1140,1225,1250,1320,1355,



28 Mantri Mall 0855,0930,0955,1025,1100,1135,1215,1240,1325,1350,1420,



Destiny Farm Stay – Red Hills


After visiting Ooty for little less than half a dozen of times, it is hard to find any place that would charm you enough to visit the place again. But we did stumble upon this magnificent resort tucked in the lush green forests of Red Hills. 30KM from Ooty town this place is a nature lovers paradise. We had taken the bus till Ooty. Destiny Farm Stay had arranged for a cab for pickup from the Ooty Bus stop, at an extra charge of Rs 1000. Charles, the driver a very friendly person drove us down to the parking lot of the resort.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam



Created with Nokia Smart Cam


Created with Nokia Smart CamFrom here we were picked up by jeep to the resort. Depending on the group size the resort arranges for either a jeep or an army truck. he car parking in Destiny is about 2km away from the actual farm stay, and the road beyond that does not permit normal sedans or hatchbacks to get to the actual farm stay as its very slushy, extremely bumpy and risky in terms of damage to the vehicles.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

As we reached Destiny Farm Stay we were dumbstruck at the beauty of the place. Perched on a hill with magnificent views of the lakes and valleys in the front and the hill as the backdrop, this is a fantastic place.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam


The rooms themselves are nestled neatly along a row overlooking a valley created by more than few mountain slopes. This is the valley where sloped farming is done. The rooms were large with two single beds put back to back.



Created with Nokia Smart Cam


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The farming itself consisted of many different type of flowers, cabbages, carrots and the likes being cultivated there.

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In addition to this they had a horse stable with at least 3-4 horses who would take you for a ride at a specified time in the mornings with supervision on a high ground area.



In addition to this were a large amount of cows, and some sheep.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam


There were also ducks which were near the pond down the valley. You can also enjoy fishing by the pond during the morning hours. You can take a short morning trek to another resort owned by the Little Earth Group which is tucked into the dense forest. At night a bonfire is lit in the garden area and you could order from a list if barbecue that are on offer. There are quite a few complementary activities that one can enjoy throughout the day and also a few paid activities that are there on offer.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Please be advised that there are NO medical facilities anywhere nearby at least for a good 20+ KM, so you have to take all medical supplies that you might need. And the medicine supply that is there in house is not adequate.

The restaurant is quite adequate and there are quite a few options of food that one could chose from.

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The avalanche lake is not far from the resort and you could cross the electric fence and take a trek down to the lake.  The lake is a truly pristine lake with crystal clean water.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Over all the resort is quite a nice kid friendly place where you can spend hours soaking in mother natures’ beauty. We sure would love to visit the place again.


Note : The resort does not take booking for 1 day if you are visiting over the weekends.