A taste of Rezala – Sabir’s


For those truly adventurous foodies who don’t mind going that extra mile for the sake of authenticity and taste, Sabir’s Mutton Rezala is not far away. An institution for decades, Sabir’s attracts hungry customers in spite of its location. Other delights are Mutton Chap and Mutton Biryani. The corner shop on this narrow and dingy lane, Sabir’s has a secret recipe that keeps the Mutton Rezala and laccha paratha still the best meal any time of the day.
I was not so sure of hat to expect taking into account the dingy location but when I stepped into the A/C upper floor of this legendary restaurant , I was quite taken a back by the cleanliness and the courteous behaviour of the waiters. The waiters did all they could make to feel comfortable and suggesting you their best know dishes. Its really hard of believe that after visiting various restaurants all over the world, if I were to rank restaurants for their service then , Sabir would be on the top lists. For all those who would like to taste the truly heavenly rezalla, I would like to request them not to judge this place by the location. Step in, take a bite and I could guarantee you, its not a taste that you would easily forget.
The ingredients of the oh so famous Mutton Rezalla, are simple. made out of mutton breast, the spices include dahi, ghee, poppy seeds (posto), zafran, and jaitri. The proportionate mixing of the spices gives it the right taste. “This is where most people go wrong,” said the waiter. even if you are closely correct in the proportion you will never get the right taste at home. The trick, he said, is in the fuel. “you can never get the taste unless you cook it in charcoal fire,”


Location :Biplabi Anukul Chandra St, Kolkata, West Bengal. just behind the Chadni chawk Metro station.
Phone:033 2861 1356


About prynkray

A software engineer by profession and a traveler and foodie by heart. Having traveled ever since childhood it has become a part of me now. So when ever I happen to get a chance I pack my bag and am on the roads. Being blessed with a super tolerant husband who gives into my whim of traveling, we do spend most of our savings on it. Well I do not exactly regret and neither does my husband complain.. Cooking is something I started doing after I left home for job. To be frank I was not such a cook when I started but years down the line I did start enjoying cooking. Picking up recipes from around the world is one of my passion though being a true at heart Bengali, I still love cooking Bengali food.

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