Destiny Farm Stay – Red Hills


After visiting Ooty for little less than half a dozen of times, it is hard to find any place that would charm you enough to visit the place again. But we did stumble upon this magnificent resort tucked in the lush green forests of Red Hills. 30KM from Ooty town this place is a nature lovers paradise. We had taken the bus till Ooty. Destiny Farm Stay had arranged for a cab for pickup from the Ooty Bus stop, at an extra charge of Rs 1000. Charles, the driver a very friendly person drove us down to the parking lot of the resort.

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Created with Nokia Smart CamFrom here we were picked up by jeep to the resort. Depending on the group size the resort arranges for either a jeep or an army truck. he car parking in Destiny is about 2km away from the actual farm stay, and the road beyond that does not permit normal sedans or hatchbacks to get to the actual farm stay as its very slushy, extremely bumpy and risky in terms of damage to the vehicles.

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As we reached Destiny Farm Stay we were dumbstruck at the beauty of the place. Perched on a hill with magnificent views of the lakes and valleys in the front and the hill as the backdrop, this is a fantastic place.

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The rooms themselves are nestled neatly along a row overlooking a valley created by more than few mountain slopes. This is the valley where sloped farming is done. The rooms were large with two single beds put back to back.



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The farming itself consisted of many different type of flowers, cabbages, carrots and the likes being cultivated there.

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In addition to this they had a horse stable with at least 3-4 horses who would take you for a ride at a specified time in the mornings with supervision on a high ground area.



In addition to this were a large amount of cows, and some sheep.

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There were also ducks which were near the pond down the valley. You can also enjoy fishing by the pond during the morning hours. You can take a short morning trek to another resort owned by the Little Earth Group which is tucked into the dense forest. At night a bonfire is lit in the garden area and you could order from a list if barbecue that are on offer. There are quite a few complementary activities that one can enjoy throughout the day and also a few paid activities that are there on offer.

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Please be advised that there are NO medical facilities anywhere nearby at least for a good 20+ KM, so you have to take all medical supplies that you might need. And the medicine supply that is there in house is not adequate.

The restaurant is quite adequate and there are quite a few options of food that one could chose from.

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The avalanche lake is not far from the resort and you could cross the electric fence and take a trek down to the lake.  The lake is a truly pristine lake with crystal clean water.

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Over all the resort is quite a nice kid friendly place where you can spend hours soaking in mother natures’ beauty. We sure would love to visit the place again.


Note : The resort does not take booking for 1 day if you are visiting over the weekends.


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