Manchanabele Escapade


After spending quite a few days researching on which place to visit for a days outing, we figured that Manchanabele Dam would be the best option that would suit all the four of us who were looking out for a day’s retreat. We had quite a few of conditions that needed to be satisfied before we selected a place. Condition 1: not very far from Bangalore, courtesy Mr. S. Condition 2: Not a rough terrain that required trekking, courtesy Mrs. S. Condition 3:  Should be a place where you get birds and should be nice for photography, courtesy hubby dear. And as for me I was just super elated at the very thought of travelling. So all was set for a day trip.

We decided to start early on the Saturday morning, but me being me could not drag myself out of the bed before 7. So a fuming Mr. S was all that I had to handle early in the morning. Out came the GPS system from Mr. S’s bag. But wait he had more to irritate him than just a late riser travel mate. His beloved GPS refused to assist him in finding the directions to the place. So out came my hubby’s newly bought Sony Experia. And thanks to the inbuilt GPS, Mr. S could be tamed. And off we went to Manchanabele Dam, all happy and gay.

Manchanabele Dam, 50KM from the city of Bangalore is a nature lover’s paradise. Situated in the remote surrounding, this reservoir is built across the river Arkavathi. A drive through the remote parts of the country drove us to this pristine place. The place is also a bird watchers paradise. We did manage to spot a few Barbet, Bee Eater, White eagle and Indian roller.

This place is a beautiful place for a spending a lazy day by the lake having a picnic. We settled ourselves by the lake on a mat. The place was very windy so our umbrellas could provide us with no protection against the sunny day. To top it all up, my dear umbrella, a long time travel companion, could not fight against the mighty winds and had to lay down his life fighting the gusty winds. Oh how badly I am going to miss my rainbow colored family umbrella.

The water was very tempting but our research on the place restrained us from jumping right in. The lake has had had its share of a few accidents. The lake bed is supposed to have quick sand resulting in a few accidents. So we had to control our emotions and be content at just sitting by the lake and dipping our feet in the cold water.

After spending a few hours lazing by the lake, posing for snaps and chit chatting we made our way back to Bangalore. But we did make up our mind to revisit this place soon…

P.S: Make sure you carry your food and drinking water since there are no restaurants nearby.



In Search of Birds…



My Beloved Rainbow Umbrella living its last few breath:(



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A software engineer by profession and a traveler and foodie by heart. Having traveled ever since childhood it has become a part of me now. So when ever I happen to get a chance I pack my bag and am on the roads. Being blessed with a super tolerant husband who gives into my whim of traveling, we do spend most of our savings on it. Well I do not exactly regret and neither does my husband complain.. Cooking is something I started doing after I left home for job. To be frank I was not such a cook when I started but years down the line I did start enjoying cooking. Picking up recipes from around the world is one of my passion though being a true at heart Bengali, I still love cooking Bengali food.

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