Cliff over the Hill


Varkala is a coastal town of Kerala, situated about 50Km from the capital city of Thiruvananthapuram.There are quite a few transportation options to choose from. You can take a bus, auto or train. We had opted to go by train. There are quite a few trains that leave from the Central station in Thiruvananthapuram. We boarded the Chennai Express from there. It takes about 40 minutes to reach Varkala. On reaching the Varkala station we took an auto to reach our resort. A ride to the north cliff would cost you anywhere near Rs80-90. We had made our reservations at the Woodhouse Beach resort. An A/C double bedded cottage coasted us about Rs2500 with a complimentary breakfast. The resort was situated on the North Cliff far from the crowds yet very much within the accessible range. The restaurant attached to the resort was just of the sea shore. You could enjoy you meal while you watch the giant waves lashing on the rocks in front of you.
There is a small fishing village near this place. You can always take a lazy stroll to this quaint little fishing village.
There is a north cliff and a south cliff. The south cliff is towards the left where you have a couple of resorts. However all “action” happens on the north cliff which is towards the right of the helipad. I would recommend that any tourist, who wants to be in the middle of activities, should head for the north cliff rather than the south.
The cliff is a long stretch of about a kilometer and a half with the sea on one side and the shops & restaurants on the other. The shops sell a variety of things that you would like to take home as souvenir. This place is famous for its Ayurvedic message centers. There are a lot of places that offer you with ayurvedic treatments for various health problems. The town is a favorite among foreign tourists who visit India. To be frank I have not seen so many foreign tourists at one single place as I saw in Varkala. You hardly find any Indians other than the locals who run the shops and the restaurants.
You can spend hours lazing on a sunbed on the beach or frolicking in the water. The water is not very deep but the tides can be strong. With safe guards always roaming around, tourists found it safer.
The sunset view from the top of the cliff is one of the best you can ever see. As soon as the sun sets the scene of action shifts from the beach to the nearby restaurants. All the restaurants and shops are open till midnight and the tourist spend their time catching up on a chilled beer after a warm day. Must say Bangalore should pick up some tips on night life from Varkala. Most of the restaurants on the cliff have their menu on display outside their restaurants. We were allowed to choose from the fishes on display and could even suggest them the type of preparation that we would like to have. I spent most of evenings devouring on to all sorts of sea food delicacies like Barracuda, calamari, red snapper, sharks, and jumbo lobsters and so on.
After spending two days at this heavenly sea town it was really hard to get back to the mundane life of the city



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A software engineer by profession and a traveler and foodie by heart. Having traveled ever since childhood it has become a part of me now. So when ever I happen to get a chance I pack my bag and am on the roads. Being blessed with a super tolerant husband who gives into my whim of traveling, we do spend most of our savings on it. Well I do not exactly regret and neither does my husband complain.. Cooking is something I started doing after I left home for job. To be frank I was not such a cook when I started but years down the line I did start enjoying cooking. Picking up recipes from around the world is one of my passion though being a true at heart Bengali, I still love cooking Bengali food.

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    • Yes it indeed is a lovely place.. Kovalam is another beach nearby.. You can go to Trivandrum. Its at a distance of 15Km from Trivandrum Central. We had been to another beach from here, Nellikunnu beach. This a lovely secluded beach far from the maddening crowd.

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