Avalanche – Ooty


When one thinks of Ooty, one only thinks about the Ooty Lake, toy train and lush tea gardens. Ever thought about visiting any place that is off the beaten track? On our search for such a location we happened to come across Avalanche.
Avalanche is a nature lover’s paradise, which is just 26 km away from Ooty. This valley has been named after the landslide or avalanche in 1823. The lakes are tucked inside the lush green shola forests. The first thing that hits you at Avalanche is the palpably pristine fresh air. The jungle is dripping with epiphytes – ferns, orchids, mosses, lichen literally falling off the trunks and branches. Pristine mountain streams are everywhere, and at parts the shola is dense, dark and seemingly impenetrable.
The place is distinctly noted for two lakes side by side, known as Avalanche Lake and Emerald Lake. A small bride separates the two lakes. The water of the lakes is truly crystal clear and we could not resist ourselves from dipping our feet in the lake. The place is so less known to the public that you will not find many people around and that adds to the charm of the place.
The true untouched nature of the place would make you sit there for hours. It is also the perfect place to enjoy bird watching and a quiet afternoon. If you happen to travel a little further up you will be able to see a lot of lakes from the top. The places adjacent to the Emerald Lake, is mainly in a reserved forest and is largely off-limits to visitors. Prior permission from the forest departments is required for visiting the places beyond this



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A software engineer by profession and a traveler and foodie by heart. Having traveled ever since childhood it has become a part of me now. So when ever I happen to get a chance I pack my bag and am on the roads. Being blessed with a super tolerant husband who gives into my whim of traveling, we do spend most of our savings on it. Well I do not exactly regret and neither does my husband complain.. Cooking is something I started doing after I left home for job. To be frank I was not such a cook when I started but years down the line I did start enjoying cooking. Picking up recipes from around the world is one of my passion though being a true at heart Bengali, I still love cooking Bengali food.

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