India is not all about slums and poor people


As I was going through some of the blog written by some Foreigners, I realized one thing. People out there have a really scary image of India. It was quite shocking to realize that people out there consider India as chaotic, crowded and yet enchanting. I was also amazed at their infatuation for slum. I would definitely like to ask them one question, don’t they have poor people in their country. The culture in our country is quite different form the western world. So a lot of our customs could sound to them as weird. But then, every country has their own set of cultures. That is what makes us diverse.

I have often seen foreigners visiting India, taking pictures of only slums, poor, poverty stricken people. One thing that I would like to tell them is there is a lot to see in India than the slums and the poverty. There are lots to see in India than the typical type casted places. Try visiting places that are less crowded but yet have excellent transportation and accommodation. Try visiting the Himalayas in the North for some beautiful hill stations. Try Visiting Rajasthan for getting a feel of the exotic and colourful life of the people of Rajasthan. Try visiting Gujarat Kutch on a full moon night for an awe-inspiring experience at the Kutch.  Visit Madhya Pradesh for some truly beautiful archeological sites.  Try visiting Goa to experience the night life and some exotic sea food. Try going to Varkala and Trivandrum for some Ayurvedic treatment and some lovely sea food on the beach front. Try going to the North Eastern states for some serene landscapes. Try visiting Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Lakshadweep Island for some truly beautiful beaches, marine life, scuba diving and snorcking.

India has lot to offer than the slums and property. It is not filled with only thugs and money sucking people. People out here are not out there to only rob you or rape you. You will find criminals back in your country too. So try coming to India with an open mind. Feel the essence of India and do not go searching for India as shown in others blog and travel magazine. Dear readers India has a lot to offer in terms of heritage, culture, archeology and handicraft.  


About prynkray

A software engineer by profession and a traveler and foodie by heart. Having traveled ever since childhood it has become a part of me now. So when ever I happen to get a chance I pack my bag and am on the roads. Being blessed with a super tolerant husband who gives into my whim of traveling, we do spend most of our savings on it. Well I do not exactly regret and neither does my husband complain.. Cooking is something I started doing after I left home for job. To be frank I was not such a cook when I started but years down the line I did start enjoying cooking. Picking up recipes from around the world is one of my passion though being a true at heart Bengali, I still love cooking Bengali food.

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